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Yorkoi Clay



Koi keepers have always acknowledged that specific montmorillonite clays are necessary to replace the essential minerals lacking in koi ponds & lost by filtration & water changes. Koi take in nutrients by digestion and also by osmosis (through the skin). Most koi keepers are aware that koi in Japan, are grown on in “mud” ponds and due to the mineral content of the “mud” they thrive and develop to their full potential before being harvested. Our clay is a substitute for that “mud” and has been extensively used, tested and proven by thousands of koi keepers who are verifying that the overall health of their fish has improved, skin lustre & texture is enhanced with whiter whites, and that there is an increase in appetite, resulting in higher growth rates. The clay also aids digestion and reduces solid waste. This clay is of cosmetic quality, highly refined and will NOT cause your fish to “flash” & “flick”, nor will it clog up your brushes & filters. It has the consistency & appearance of talc. Although it will produce a cloud in the pond initially you will see your fish swim through this cloud as they absorb the essential minerals by osmosis. After approx 24 hours the water will begin to clear leaving it sparkling. Yorkoi clay may take a little longer to clear than other clays – the reasons are due to the very fine particles which virtually dissolve in the water and remain held in suspension for a longer period. The benefits are that the fish absorb more nutrients by osmosis whereas other clays quickly settle on the bottom of your pond or your filter system.
A good quality clay is as essential as a good quality food to maintain a high standard of health and our combination is the perfect balance. There are also additional benefits one of which is quoted below by Mr. Roy Hicks, chairman of the Yorkshire Koi Society, who carried out his own independent tests on our clay.

Extract from Yorkshire Koi Magazine December 2001

“After several attempts at using different types of Montmorillonite Clay, I have come across one that causes no apparent problems for our fish. I say this tongue in cheek because we all tend to blame fish related problems on products that we might use from time to time, instead of water quality problems that are not quite correct for our beloved Koi. For instance, attempts at using clay in the past were blamed on our fish flicking, raised scales plus other associated fish problems, therefore clay was passed on or ended up in the dustbin. I always tend to look at what I have done different in the pond if the fish’s behaviour changes and I still feel that previous clays that were introduced caused some related problems at the time of usage.
However the clay that I am using at this moment in time (thanks to Jeff Glasspool) has made a tremendous difference to the way our fish are both eating and appearing.

Since the introduction of clay in mid September, they have taken food more readily than at any time throughout the summer. Another unexpected plus to using Yorkoi clay is the way that lots of the pond waste that would have normally stuck to the angular sides of the vortex bottom cone, now settles tight into the bottom drain area of the vortex. As all bottom drains from our filters are purged every day throughout summer, it is good to be able to remove so much of the waste with so much ease. The reason I mention this is that prior to using Yorkoi clay, the mulm/waste that stuck to the angular sides of the vortex had to be gently pushed down to the bottom using one of my de gunging tools. An alternative method of removing the gunge, if time was of the essence, would be to syphon it out. I mention time because I don’t like to see any build up of mulm in any areas of the filter so these methods were used in between, completely emptying the vortex and carrying out a thorough clean which then took 3 hours to make up the loss in pond water. “

Instructions for using Yorkoi Clay
Use 30 grams or approx 2 heaped dessertspoons full per 1000 gallons of water once weekly when temperature are over
55 deg F. When water temperatures are below 55 deg F use every two weeks. Place appropriate amount into a container of pond water and mix thoroughly until dissolved, then distribute around the perimeter of the pond.
N.B. Some people prefer to add their clay on a daily basis therefore simply divide the above measurements up and add as required. You cannot overdose with Yorkoi Clay.
It is available in 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg tubs and 25kg sacks.

Chemical Analysis of Yorkoi Montmorillonite Clay

SiO2 48.7%, Al2O3 35.6%, Fe2O3 0.65%, CaO 0.14%, MgO 0.36%, Na2O 0.10%, K2O 2.9%, TiO2 0.02%, LO1 11.4%

PRICES- 1KG £8-99,  2KG £14-99,  5KG £34-99,  10KG £59-99,  25KG £89-00