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Blanket Weed (String-Algae) Control


Blanket Weed (String-Algae) Control

The dreaded weed is the curse of the koi keeper, blocking up filters & bottom drains and making our life a misery.


When we first introduced Deeweed nine years ago potential customers viewed our excellent product with suspicion putting it down to yet another gimmick that surely wouldn’t work. Nine years on those sceptics are still heaving the weed out of their ponds whilst others sit back admiring their weed free pond thanks to the success of Deeweed.

Putting it in simple terms Blanket weed feeds on Nitrates and Phosphates, if these are present blanket weed will grow in abundance. Deeweed consists of a group of micro organisms which also feed on Nitrates & Phosphates and as it feeds the level of the food supply decreases starving the blanket weed which then dies off. That is a fact – it does work.

However, every pond is different and the Ph, Nitrate & Phosphate levels vary throughout the country. Our recommended dosages are therefore only a guide and not all our customers use Deeweed in the same manner. For example we know that on the South Coast of England, where the water is hard they are using double the dosage whilst in some areas they are using half the dosage. One thing is certain if you use enough of the product it will get rid of the weed without doubt.

How long you get rid of it is again dependant on conditions, some people find that one dose will get rid of it for a full year, whereas other use a “maintenance dose” of half or a quarter of the dose every so often or at first signs of it reappearing.

In addition to killing off blanket weed Deeweed is also beneficial to our koi’s health, improving growth, and helping to build up the fish’s resistance to disease so they are less prone to fungal and bacterial disorders. The microbes in Deeweed multiply and also compete with Aeromonas and other pathogenic bacteria therefore helping to keep the number of bad bacteria down.

Deeweed is NOT a chemical, it is an organic compound consisting of a number of species of micro-organisms and their action is biological. It will NOT harm plants, fish or other wildlife in your pond.

Method of use

Deeweed is available in packs for the following pond sizes

2500 gallons, 5000 gallons and 10,000 gallons.

Obviously it is always cheaper to buy in volume and many of our customers with a smaller pond buy the largest size, give the correct dosage initially and then use the rest as a top up dose at intervals or when the weed starts to reappear.
Obviously water changes will dilute the dosage and this should be compensated for.

If chemicals or medications have been used in your pond wait at least 7 days for the chemicals to disperse before using Deeweed. Remove as much of the blanket weed by hand before adding the product to your pond. Deeweed is a dry powder, the appropriate amount should be mixed with pond water and allowed to stand for a few hours allowing the dormant microbes to activate. Stir regularly and pour round the perimeter of the pond ideally on an evening.
The product can take between a few days and three weeks to work, when the blanketweed will change in appearance and texture before falling off the sides of the pond. The dead blanket weed should also be removed from the pond.

NB Ensure sufficient oxygen levels in your pond, the product does lower oxygen levels and may cause the Ph to rise as the blanket weed dies off. Though Deeweed works at all temperatures it does take longer when temperatures are low.

PRICES 2500 GALLS £17-99,    5000 GALLS £27-99,    10,000 GALLS £47-99